What is a Yoni Egg? What are the benefits?

A Yoni egg is made from a smooth, solid crystal stone, initially jade, which is intended to slide gently into each woman's vagina. This custom allowed each woman to regain contact with the deepest and most radiant life force in her body: sexual energy and your sacred feminine.

A short history of Yoni's egg

Yoni's eggs were part of the Taoist tradition and landed in the West after an interminable journey strewn with pitfalls and bravado of prohibitions. The use of the egg had begun secretly, but the practice had taken on a new dimension in ancient China. It was taught only to queens and concubines. Some even argue that originally, through the teaching of this practice, the aim was to please the king at the time of the sexual act. Then this practice was extended. Mothers would give their young daughters who had just had their first menstrual period a small egg. This meant that they had become women. Yoni's egg strengthens women's perineum, making it more tonic, but it also makes women more confident, more dynamic and frees them from trauma. Subsequently, Yoni's eggs were banned for unknown reasons, but it seems because it allowed women to have too much pleasure, to emancipate themselves somehow, and this constitutes a danger for the hegemony of men. They wanted their women to be under their control at all times. Zoom in on this intriguing little thing that is highly emblematic. In the beginning, Yoni's eggs were made of jade, a fine egg-shaped chiselled stone inherited from the Taoist tradition. It was even their fetish object. Later, the Yoni egg was made from other stones. It is inserted into the vagina and has innumerable virtues for the well-being of women. It is likely to help them to acquire a better approach to their "inner self" allowing them to connect to their vagina and offers them the possibility to evolve towards a radiant future. But why this form of the egg? This choice is rather symbolic as the egg-like egg embodies the first phase of life. It is the symbol of fertility, of rebirth.

How to use a Yoni Egg?

There are two ways to use a Yoni egg:
  • Passive use: you introduce it and try to forget it is there while you go about your usual, everyday activities.
  • An active use: you introduce it and do some conscious exercises to increase the benefits of its use. In this case, it would be better to have someone to help you do the exercises properly and also to strengthen your perineum.

The virtues of the Yoni egg

If used regularly, the virtues of this fine stone are innumerable, and are of a physical, sexual and psychic nature. On the physical level, used following childbirth, or during the menopause, and even from adolescence onwards, exercises using the egg make it possible to stress some muscles of the perineum and to tone it, to soften it. This practice will have a positive impact on your femininity, your lifestyle and your sexual radiance. It will allow you to enjoy excellent vaginal lubrication due to improved blood circulation in the vagina. On the other hand, using the Yoni egg helps to prevent organ descent and urine leakage, to regulate menstrual flow, to soothe menstrual pain and premenstrual symptoms. It is also proven effective if you are preparing for childbirth and in some cases it can help to detect the existence of a fibroid. Yoni egg also helps to enrich tissue oxygenation, improve blood circulation, hormones and energy. The egg is also able to stimulate your libido. You will discover stronger intimate sensations and a more fulfilling connection to your sexual area. So you can have a physical, carnal relationship with your Yoni egg. It helps you to create a connection with your intimacy. Its virtues are therefore, of course, sexual: the toning caused by the Yoni egg allows you to better control your desire, to increase the intensity of orgasms tenfold, to prolong them and to make them more sensual for the man and for the couple. On the psychic level, the Yoni egg will help you to free your memory of intimate traumas: rape, miscarriage, abortion... Thus, it has the power to dilute the memories embedded in your tissues, to make them less heavy, less aggressive.

How to choose your Yoni egg?

In fact, the choice remains very personal and each woman knows intuitively what would suit her. But if it's the first time, you hesitate to make your choice. Here we will help you to do so by showing you the different sizes and our recommendations. Yoni eggs are mainly available in 3 sizes:
  • 40 x 30 mm
  • 40 x25 mm
  • 30 x 20 mm
If you are new to this practice, it would be best to start with the large or medium size. This may surprise you, but you should know that the big egg feels better and that it will help you to work your sensitivity better at the height of Yoni, this sacred den. Then you will be able to progressively reduce the size of the egg because with exercise, the tone of your perineum becomes more and more assertive and now you have got to know this area of your body perfectly.

Which egg to choose: jade, pink quartz or obsidian?

Each stone has its own therapeutic virtues.

Jade nephrite :

This fine stone helps to strengthen the body's natural self-healing abilities. It diffuses infrared rays that are beneficial for the body, for blood circulation and for cell regeneration. Jade nephrite can be used especially for healing:
  • The kidneys,
  • Stomach,
  • The bladder,
  • Arthrosis,
  • Joint pain and stiffness.

Rose Quartz :

This crystal is capable of providing a gentle energy of commiseration, serenity, well-being, comfort. Often referred to as the stone of love, Rose Quartz helps to develop excellent self-esteem. Its therapeutic virtues help strengthen the heart and improve blood circulation. It has been offered as a token of love since 600 BC. The Egyptians and Romans also used it to purify their skin and prevent wrinkles.

Obsidian :

It is a fine stone with protective properties. It could be used to reduce the pain of arthritis and osteoarthritis, and also to soothe cramps and stomach problems. It can help you digest well and improve your blood circulation. The Obsidian also has the power to neutralize negative energies and to develop inner peace by creating harmony between the different chakras. It is therefore the perfect way to free yourself from resentment, anxiety and acrimonies that have piled up in your daily life or at work.

Contra-indication :

Although the Yoni egg has proven therapeutic powers, it is sometimes not recommended to use it, especially if you are pregnant or if you have just given birth. It may be an extraordinary practice to start after you have given birth, but seek the advice of your midwife or doctor before doing so. It is also best to remove the egg immediately if you feel any discomfort. You should also avoid inserting the egg if you have an infection of the vagina, clitoris or bladder or if you have your period.
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