Harmonisation of the 7 main chakras with the Lithotherapy stones

Kundalini Yoga doctrine teaches us that our body houses 7 major energy centres, called chakras, which are distributed along the spine, from the pelvic floor (root chakra) to the top of the skull (coronal chakra or crown). Our vital energy constantly circulates between these 7 chakras, enabling us to achieve harmony on the physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual levels. When an imbalance occurs (caused by illness or psychological shock, for example), the circulation of vital energy is disrupted and our well-being is put into question. Lithotherapy stones and crystals can help us to harmonise the energies of our chakras. Let's see how.

How to harmonize our 7 chakras with the Lithotherapy stones and crystals?

If you have already ordered a piece of jewellery or natural stones from our online shop, you must have received our free guide on lithotherapy. In this book, we briefly explain how to use stones and minerals to harmonize our 7 main chakras. Here is a reminder of this: The simplest method is to determine which chakras are out of balance, in order to focus your work on these particular energy centres. Alternatively, you can choose to work on all of them simultaneously. Or even one after the other, starting with the first chakra "Muladhara". The most accessible method, and certainly the most effective too, is the technique of meditation with the stones. This way of doing things has been described by Philip Permutt in his book "Ces pierres qui guérissent" ("The Healing Stones", published by "les courriers du livre"). Nowadays, it is the technique of predilection of most of the practitioners of Lithotherapy, in France as everywhere else. Here is a brief description: Isolate yourself away from noise and agitation, then settle comfortably in a lying position. Place the appropriate stones and crystals along your body. Each stone precisely on the chakra that corresponds to it. If you prefer, you can work on only one chakra at a time, and therefore with only one stone. You will take care of the following chakras in future meditation sessions. Meditate in this way for a minimum of 10 minutes (20 minutes is recommended), in a calm and serene atmosphere. Remember to light a stick of incense, or to diffuse your favourite home perfume: this will help you to empty your mind. It is important to concentrate on the energies circulating around you, and avoid thinking about anything that might divert your attention. Immerse yourself in the deepest possible meditative state and surrender yourself totally to this state of absolute serenity. Once the session is over, you can remove the stones, purify them and put them away (they will be ready for the next session). For a smoother harmonization work, you can choose to wear a 7 chakra jewel or jewels made of stones specially chosen according to the chakra to be balanced, then wear them throughout the day. But don't delude yourself: a meditation session with the stones is, without a doubt, a much more effective practice for refocusing and harmonising your vital energies.

In brief

The crown chakra is also called the coronal chakra or coronary chakra. It is located at the top of the skull, at the fontanel. It is the full consciousness chakra. It reinforces the good relationship with the beyond and the divine being. The crown chakra is also linked to self-knowledge, beliefs and spirituality. A crown chakra that is too open offers the sensation of not finding its place in society. A blocked crown chakra leads one to accumulate material goods and to run away from one's responsibilities. Amethyst, moonstone and rock crystal are the main stones acting on the crown chakra. Place one of these stones on your fontanel and practice a meditation session for at least 20 minutes to initiate the harmonization of this chakra.
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