Amethyst crystals jewellery: a natural stone anti-stress

Known for their superb purple colour in a variety of shades, amethyst healing crystals are often used as jewellery because when placed against the skin, they act as a natural anti-stress. Amethyst amplifies positive waves while cleansing the body of negative energy, including toxic emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, etc. Amethyst stimulates the mind and encourages spiritual growth by protecting the aura from harmful metaphysical debris. When you wear an amethyst bracelet or have a stone in your home, it encourages you to engage in positive introspection, which helps you access your true feelings and increase your intuition. Our amethyst bracelets stimulate and balance the crown and eyebrow chakras, making them powerful crystals for getting in touch with your true personality. If you are prone to frequent headaches or migraines, amethyst is a useful healing tool for pain relief. Try soaking an upside down piece of amethyst in water and rub it on your forehead in a circle in a counter-clockwise direction. For a complete cleaning of the chakra, place amethyst stones above your head in a healing plan. This helps to open and activate the crown chakra, which is the energy centre of inner wisdom and intuition. In crystal healing, amethyst stones are also used to create a protective field when placed around the body. For even more cleansing and grounding effects, you can also place Smoky Quartz under your feet. To get the most out of your amethyst therapy session, perform a quick purification ritual by burning sage and sacred Palo Santo, one of the quickest ways to eliminate toxic energy. As they burn, hold them over an abalone shell, which will catch the ashes and serve as a bowl for storing your cleaning tools. Our sage cleaning kit includes everything you need for an energetic clean-up, such as an abalone shell, a white sage stick and a feather to move the smoke. As your crystals wrap themselves in smoke feathers, cleanse the opportunity to program the stones with the intention of healing them. Create a sacred healing space by lighting a candle and meditating, which may involve the simple act of breathing in positivity and expressing negativity. During this quiet moment of personal reflection, meditate on what is really important to you, the first step to discovering the best intention for your amethyst stone. Think about the areas of your life that need to be upgraded and then specify what you want to achieve with your Amethyst jewellery. If you want to give even more sensations, write your intention on a piece of paper, making sure to express what you are going to achieve in the present tense. This creates a positive state of mind that will encourage you to continue working towards your goals. Wearing amethyst jewellery is an easy way to infuse the healing vibrations of dark purple into your life. This rich shadow is associated with spiritual transformation and the awakening of the spirit according to your divine purpose. These flashes of intelligence must be balanced by grounding stones. This is why our healing bracelet includes a combination of gemstones to keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.

Amethyst jewellery

Reconnect with your inner wisdom and intuition with our amethyst jewellery. Our Attraction of Angels bracelet is composed of crystals associated with the angelic kingdom such as angelite, aquamarine, Chevron amethyst and brass. Let the calm and peaceful energy of their synergistic healing properties wash over you like a gentle wave of tranquility. Get in touch with your inner wisdom by wearing our Restful Nights bracelet, which harnesses the calm, intuitive energy of Amethyst with the healing qualities of brass and howlite. The Anger Release bracelet is another type of amethyst jewellery designed to soothe anger. It is designed with the calm and intuitive energy of amethyst and the properties of Namibian Chalcedony, Brazilian Aventurine and brass. For general cleansing and energising effects, the 7 chakra bracelet is designed with a variety of stones associated with the cleansing and activation of the seven chakras. It supports all energy centres with Carnelian, a solar plexus chakra stone, Amethyst, a coronary chakra stone, like those available at MINERALS KINGDOM and much more. With a rainbow of colours, it adds a vibrant and powerful energetic touch to any outfit.

How to use your amethyst jewellery

Amethyst jewellery does not have to be worn as a necklace or bracelet. In fact, many people use their crystal necklaces as meditation beads, which can be used in any type of therapeutic session, from yoga to meditation. To keep the energy in your Amethyst jewellery clean and activated, we recommend storing it on a large selenite stone, known as one of the most powerful purifying crystals in the mineral kingdom. In the mineral kingdom, amethyst is the ultimate stone for meditation because of its calming effect on the mind. Whenever you feel the influence of negative influences, use amethyst medicine to balance your mind and emotions. If your coronary chakra energy is low, amethyst jewellery helps redirect egocentric thought patterns to a deeper understanding of the psyche. When you wear this gentle healing stone in jewellery, it helps to free you from the dark side of vanity and pride. If you find yourself caught up in ego-related inner conflicts, stick to the amethyst and discover the difference of not just surviving, but thriving in all aspects of life. In astrology, amethyst is particularly beneficial for the signs of Sagittarius, as its calming effects help to balance their restless nature. This powerful crown of stone chakras also testifies to their love of philosophy and their constant search for the meaning of life. For the undecided aquarius, amethyst jewellery helps to soothe an overactive mind with peace and tranquility, a state that encourages insight and wisdom. And when it comes to discovering the higher self, amethyst is a must for imaginative and sensitive Pisces. Because of its reputation for spiritual enlightenment and healing, amethyst jewellery is often combined with heart chakra stones such as aquamarine and rose quartz. In the healing crystal, this energy cocktail restores balance in the mind by helping you to open your heart and face all challenges with love and compassion. With amethyst and its coronary chakra connection, it opens the doors to insight, which is connected by heart chakra stones. When these energy spaces are connected, you can truly know yourself, the beginning of wisdom.
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