What is a Yoni Egg? What are the benefits?

A Yoni egg is made from a smooth, solid crystal stone, initially jade, which is intended to slide gently into each woman’s vagina. This custom allowed each woman to regain contact with the deepest and most radiant life force in…

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Harmonisation of the 7 main chakras with the Lithotherapy stones

Kundalini Yoga doctrine teaches us that our body houses 7 major energy centres, called chakras, which are distributed along the spine, from the pelvic floor (root chakra) to the top of the skull (coronal chakra or crown). Our vital energy…

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Lithotherapy: The ultimate guide to choosing your protection stone

Lithotherapy consists of drawing the vibratory energy from each stone to obtain benefits that affect our body and mind. The energy of each stone is determined by its chemical composition, which diffuses different energies and will therefore have various influences…

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Lithotherapy: 6 stones to overcome stress and anxiety

Lithotherapy explains to us that each crystal, each stone, each mineral is charged with a vibratory energy that influences our body and mind and helps us to feel better every day. The energy of each one is notably determined by…

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Lucky jewellery: the secrets of semi-precious stones

Before talking to you about the powers of stones, I would like to give you 2 pieces of advice that I think are essential to choose your lucky charm jewel in semi-precious stones. Believing in the power of stones! Do…

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