The obsidian stone : what jewellery properties?

The obsidian stone is a stone that acts especially against blockages, trauma, shocks and fears. As a powerful natural stone, it relieves tension, promotes wound healing processes and is an excellent aid to hemostasis. Natural stones, be they protective stones or semi-precious stones, possess unique virtues that have a positive effect on the physical and mental level. The energies of the stone are particularly curative in combination with other therapeutic methods. If you are interested in learning more about stone’s virtues, you can visit The obsidian stone is also frequently used as a complementary healing stone. It helps to treat trauma and past experiences, increases perception and brings to light hidden abilities.

Meaning of obsidian

The name "Obsidian" dates back to the Roman Obsidian who, according to legend, brought the first stone with him on a journey from Ethiopia to Rome. Because obsidians are very compact and have extremely sharp breaking edges, the first humans already used the glass of volcanic rock as a cutting tool or as a weapon. In ancient times, mirrors and art objects were made of obsidian. The natives of the American continent made various utensils and sculptures from this volcanic glass. Glass lava stone in powder form is used in the construction industry as an additive for mineral wool. Until today, the obsidian stone has significance in lithotherapy as a semi-precious stone, birthstone and protection stone. A special variety of rock is the snowflake obsidian. This semi-precious natural stone forms white, snowflake-like spots on the surface of water during their formation. This happens because crystallisation has already occurred in these places. This special kind of snowflake obsidian is found especially in the volcanic regions of Greece and Turkey.

Properties of obsidian

Obsidian stone is a pebble-rich rock belonging to volcanic glass that rises from viscous magma. The rock mass does not crystallise, but a solid, glass-like structure is formed. This gemstone is mainly black. However, through mixtures, various other colours such as:
  • dark green
  • the red
  • dark brown
  • The colours of the rainbow.
Obsidians may also contain inclusions of feldspar and quartz crystals. Varieties include silver obsidian, smoked obsidian, snowflake obsidian, mahogany obsidian, black obsidian, celestial eye obsidian, rainbow obsidian and golden obsidian. For obsidian stone there are many known sites - wherever volcanic activity has taken place or is taking place: Indonesia, Greece, Iceland, Japan, Turkey, USA, Russia, Hungary, Guatemala. The gemstones are very close to the signs of the zodiac Sagittarius and Scorpio. As a protective stone, it protects against negative influences and promotes the achievement of life's goals. The healing stone helps the scorpion to release obsolete blockages. Obsidians are also important side stones for the zodiac signs Libra and Capricorn.
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