Lucky jewellery: the secrets of semi-precious stones

Before talking to you about the powers of stones, I would like to give you 2 pieces of advice that I think are essential to choose your lucky charm jewel in semi-precious stones.

Believing in the power of stones!

Do stones really have a power or are they just inert stones? This debate has been going on for centuries and is not about to dry up! On the one hand, the hard-core rationals who will never give in: for them stones have no power, no influence whatsoever on us, full stop! On the other, the enlightened mystics, for whom a rock crystal worn as a pendant can change your life overnight. You know what? In my opinion, both are wrong! The truth is more nuanced... My down-to-earth side calls me to be careful and not to expect too much from stones: no, they won't solve all my problems in the blink of an eye, no, they won't make me a millionaire next week! But another part of me wonders: "can one claim to have pierced all the mysteries of Mother Nature? For to claim loud and clear that stones have no power is to proclaim that we have already understood and explained everything about nature and how it works. Who can claim this? No one! On the other hand, I note that natural stones have often intrigued people throughout the history of mankind. It is very curious to note that civilisations that are very far apart from each other have granted powers comparable to stones they had in common. Agate, for example, is a stone that has always and everywhere been associated with luck, success, courage and self-fulfilment. Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Celts, Vikings, Sioux? These tribes have in common that they have been fascinated by this stone, and that they have granted it very similar powers! And this is true for many other stones... So my advice is: believe in the power of stones! Yes, it is quite possible that a stone contains a magnetism, or whatever mysterious energy that contributes to our well-being, or to improving your daily life, without us understanding exactly how it works! Why not give yourself that part of a dream? Believe in the power of stones as one clings to a slightly crazy hope. Believe in it, but don't pin all your hopes on it, or entrust your entire destiny to it. This is how I am convinced that you will have the best chance to benefit from the magic of stones.

Choosing a piece of jewellery that you really like.

It is a more personal belief that I am entrusting to you here. I am firmly convinced that, in order for the stones to help us, it is necessary that a link be established between them and us. You must feel attracted by the lucky jewel you are about to give yourself. You have to really like it, you have to want to wear it. Don't choose first and foremost the one whose stones have the virtues and benefits you are looking for, but rather the one that catches your eye! I believe that if you like this lucky charm very much, that it goes well with your style, then you will wear it often and with pleasure. The famous link can then be established. All the chances will be there for the magic of the stones to work ...

My fetish stones.

To conclude this article, I propose you a list of some of my favourite stones and the virtues which are granted to them : The amethyst: this pretty purple stone is certainly THE star of the gemstones in jewellery! It is believed to have the power to soothe our psyche and free us from stress, keeping away dark thoughts and other negative thoughts. Moonstone: Its milky transparency and iridescent reflections give it a unique look... It is the stone of femininity par excellence. It is highly sought after for its benefits on women's fertility. White opal: a style close to moonstone. It is a stone to which many different virtues are attributed. Personally, I use it as a stone of intuition, when important choices present themselves to me. Turquoise: a sunny colour ideal for summer looks. It is an excellent stone for protection and purification of energies. Agate: it can be adorned with 1001 shimmering colours! This is the stone you need if you are waiting for a little help from fate ;) Rose quartz: I love this pale pink crystal that evokes softness. This stone exacerbates love (maternal or conjugal), and opens us up to others. Smoky quartz: its brown transparency gives it a lot of class. It can help you to stabilize yourself psychically and emotionally by erasing your fears and mood swings. Lapis lazuli: an eye-catching indigo blue! It is said to be the stone of friendship because it frees us from shyness and gives us the courage to express ourselves. The eye of the tiger: recognizable between 1000 with its brown and golden reflections. Beware, a particularly powerful stone. It is mainly used to ward off the evil eye. Rock crystal: a very elegant transparent crystal. Highly charged in energy, rock crystal is considered the best stone for protection. Onyx: its deep, satin-like black makes it the most mysterious stone! It is a stone of good fortune, which would also have the power to protect pregnant women and the life it shelters. Oh, there are many others, it's true! I will have the opportunity to tell you about it in a new article, very soon... You will find, in our online shop, a wide choice of semi-precious stone jewellery accessible to all budgets. Recently, we also offer a range of lucky bracelets with our own brand, handcrafted with selected fine stones. I am sure you will find your favourite jewel in the Coco Papaya shop!
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