The stone of hope “Emerald”: it is a very precious stone!

The emerald is classified as a precious stone. It is the stone of knowledge, protection, wisdom and bliss. It is also the stone of the bearer of light (the pope wears one), for the one whose mission is to radiate divine truth. It brings peace, calm and harmony between the physical, emotional and mental planes. It symbolises the 40 years of marriage. Acts on the immune system, blood diseases, preventive actions on the cardiovascular system (heart chakra) - Digestive sphere, pancreas, liver (solar chakra) - Eyes (direct application of the stone or as an elixir). To be used in support of curative treatments such as: varicose veins, haemorrhoids, thrombosis, cardiovascular accidents.. ). Associated with rose quartz, kunzite, it relieves emotional suffering. In contact with other stones, it loses its properties. Emerald is certainly one of the most astonishing stones. Its penetrating green glow of light is impressive. During the day, this stone surprises with its natural brilliance and at night, it takes on a completely different appearance by absorbing all the light sources that come against it. The bright green emerald has a velvety sheen with transparent water running through its veins. At the same time of an incomparable natural beauty and carrying many virtues for its users.

Properties of emerald

Emerald belongs to the category of silicates, a sub-category of cyclosilicates. This stone belongs to the large beryl family and is distinguished by its very natural green colour, which changes from pale green to deep green depending on the light that surrounds it. This colour is mainly due to the presence of chromium in its composition or sometimes also vanadium. Emerald is a hard mineral (7.5/8 on a scale of 10). There are more transparent variants of this crystal, sometimes with hints of crystals or even carbon which forms an asterism on the stone. Emerald can become cloudy in the presence of gas or liquid to take on a frosty character, more commonly known as "the garden". Emerald comes essentially from the contact of magmatic or hydrothermal veins with metamorphic rocks, transformed as a result of a significant rise in temperature or pressure. They can be found in various forms in micaschists, pegmatites and quartz. In deposits, emeralds are often associated with other crystals such as pyrites, albites, fluorites, apatites, calcites or barytes. Emerald is also confused with other stones of the same colour such as Green Fluorite (African emerald), Peridot, Dioptsase (copper emerald), Aventurine, Hiddenite (lithic emerald), Grosular tsavorite, Green Tourmaline (Siberian or Brazilian emerald), Green Sapphire (oriental emerald) and Demantoid (Ural emerald). Emerald will be considered as one of the four "precious" stones in the same way as sapphire, lerubis and diamond, until 2002.

Virtues of emerald in lithotherapy

Its natural green colour makes emerald a stone of hope par excellence. But this mineral is also considered a source of love and wisdom. In ancient times, emerald was regarded as the ideal weapon to chase away sadness and dark thoughts. It is also associated with different chakras, mainly the heart, crown and third eye chakras like those available at for instance.

Emerald to heal physical ailments

Emerald is a stone known for its invigorating and fortifying virtues, particularly in terms of digestion. In lithotherapy, it is used to relieve various ailments. Among others, eye diseases and eye fatigue, angina, coryza, flu, sinusitis and otitis, liver, pancreas, kidneys, migraines, as well as joint pains such as arthritis and rheumatism. Emerald also helps to improve the work of the intestines. It strengthens the immune system and protects the spine. People suffering from epilepsy can also benefit from the calming properties of emerald. This crystal is also recommended to help a patient heal more quickly. Emerald elixirs are also recommended to help strengthen the immune system, improve the functioning of the visual organs and purify the body.

The virtues of emerald on the mind and relationships

Emerald brings the much sought-after inner peace, as a stone of love, harmony and knowledge. Recommended for all people who wish to find balance in their lives, this stone is used daily. In lithotherapy, it is recognised for its many virtues. Emerald heals the ills linked to ailments. It improves memory and makes feelings of love more balanced. This stone is recommended to make family relationships easier, especially in case of generational shock. In children and adults alike, emerald stimulates knowledge and learning. At the relational level, it is the most sought-after crystal to help people to be loyal and sociable. Wearing emerald allows to better understand certain situations, to discern the true from the false, to open up to all possibilities, to remain calm in all situations. This crystal helps us to be more moderate, more tolerant. To have it with you is to build a shield against differences. It also reduces fear in claustrophobic people.
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