Lithotherapy: The ultimate guide to choosing your protection stone

Lithotherapy consists of drawing the vibratory energy from each stone to obtain benefits that affect our body and mind. The energy of each stone is determined by its chemical composition, which diffuses different energies and will therefore have various influences on our state of mind and behaviour. We had previously seen 6 stones to overcome stress and anxiety, but today it is those that protect us from evil, bad people, the evil eye and negative energies that we are particularly interested in.

Why do you need a protection stone?

Not all so-called protection stones protect in the same way and from the same things. Indeed, the power of stones is strong, but none of them offer perfect and total protection, so you must discern your real needs in terms of protection to choose the stone that best suits you. The benefits of stones are so numerous that it is difficult to state them all. You would have to study lithotherapy at length to understand the power and scope of each one concretely, but this requires time and investment. So Coco Papaya makes your task easier and helps you to find THE stone most relevant to your needs. To begin, you need to have clear ideas and take the time to reflect. Indeed, often, one problem hides another, deeper and more difficult to admit. To determine them precisely, don't hesitate to practice meditation and/or list your needs and fears on paper.

The different families of protection stones

The protective stones can be classified into 4 distinct families. These have a different way of acting on energies. This classification may vary somewhat depending on people's opinions and experience, but it is the one that seemed to us the most accurate. It is up to you to make your own opinion by experimenting with lithotherapy and the power of stones. Then determine which energies were released from each stone and in which category you would place it.

Absorbent protective stones

Stones that we categorize as absorbent will retain negative energies, preserving the wearer from them, up to a certain absorption threshold. Once the stone has accumulated a maximum amount of negative energies, it reaches a saturation stage and can cause more harm than good by rejecting the previously stored energies. To avoid reaching this stage, these stones must be frequently purified, or even replaced, like the obsidian which has a limited wearing time. In this family of so-called absorbent protective stones, we find in particular black tourmaline, black obsidian or celestial eye and labradorite.

Repulsive protective stones

These stones will repel negative energies, this is what many call the mirror effect. They reflect the energies, without storing them, and therefore do not present the problem of saturation. On the other hand, they can also reflect the energies of the wearer back to himself. This means that the bad energy transmitted by the wearer of the stone can be sent back to him. This is why we do not recommend these stones to people who are temporarily charged with negative energies, such as people who are very depressed for example. In this category, we find in particular the tiger's eye which is considered to be the protective repellent stone par excellence.

Protective stones for appeasement

The stones we are talking about here are not protective in themselves, but they break down the energy mechanisms that create situations of discomfort or malaise triggered by negative energies. In particular, they allow you to regain calm and lucidity, to evacuate anger and avoid being overwhelmed by a stressful situation. The main stones with these benefits are amethyst, moonstone and labradorite. We discover that labradorite is both absorbent and soothing, making it a particularly interesting protective stone.

Protective stones by radiation aid

The stones of this family have the effect of influencing a person's energies, pushing them to develop positive energies. They can help to develop an aura that will deter some people from being hostile towards their wearer. They can also help to limit fatigue and sadness. These stones influence mood and actions in a positive way, but can lead to a feeling of invincibility, and can cause an oversized ego in wearers who are already particularly confident. They are therefore recommended mainly for people who feel a lack of self-confidence. This family includes sunstone, fire opal, carnelian and hematite.
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