The origin of birthstones

Birthstones are gems used in jewellery that are associated with certain months of the year. Each month therefore has a stone attached to it. For reasons of virtues, of compatibility with the sign of the zodiac, but also according to the colours and influences that are attributed to it, each stone chosen takes on its full meaning. To discover the birthstones that are attached to each month of the year, do not hesitate to consult the pages dedicated to them. You will learn more about them and will be able to choose gifts, to offer or to give to yourself, which are in perfect adequacy with the month of the birthday. Ideal to help you find a suitable gift, the birthstones will allow you to determine a selection. You will be able to choose the jewel you need from the large selection of Trabbia Vuillermoz jewellery. The origin of birthstones goes back thousands of years. The stones were used to decorate the ceremonial clothes of Jewish priests. These 12 stones represented both the 12 tribes of Israel, but also the months of the year and thus became birthstones. At that time, knowledge about gemstones was not very advanced and relatively imprecise, so at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1912 to be precise, an association of jewellers chose to clarify matters by associating one or two well-defined stones each month, taking care to respect the origins and associations of the stone months. This classification has since then provided clarity and help in choosing a piece of jewellery that fully corresponds to a birth according to the month of the latter.

January birthstone: garnet

The first birthstone of the year opens the ball with a beautiful velvet colour ranging from red to green. The birthstone for January is garnet. This gem known for its intense colours will reveal some interesting information about its association with the month of January in the page dedicated to it. Mainly red-brown, garnet can also be endowed with multiple colours. For example, it can be expressed in various shades from pink to intense red, but it can also be green. Variations in colour are due to different chemical compositions, but do not detract from the brilliance and intensity of this gem. Madagascar, Tanzania and India are the three main garnet mining countries. In France, garnet was once mined in the eastern Pyrenees.

September's birthstone: sapphire

Sapphire is the birthstone of the month of September, it is intense and radiant. It reveals, during this month of transition between summer and autumn, exceptional shades and brilliance. You will be able to offer an exceptional gift by choosing this gemstone which knows how to charm at first sight. Sapphire is mainly of a deep blue colour that is recognisable among a thousand, but there are other colours that allow this stone to offer a variety of shades and unique jewellery. Purity, wisdom and immortality are the three main virtues with which sapphire is adorned. Visit for more. The main sapphire mines are located in the province of Kashmir, but also in Sri Lanka. The humid tropical zones are generally the most favourable for these deposits (Madagascar, India, Burma, Brazil...).

Birthstone of May: the emerald

The emerald with its green colour is attached to this beautiful and cool month of May. The perfect embodiment of the new explosion of nature, the emerald accompanies this 5th month of the year marvellously. Birthstone of the month of May discover all the affinities that exist between this stone and this month. Emerald and its variations in green dress different jewels; it is thanks to its intensity and unique brilliance that emerald has become one of the most prized stones in jewellery. The virtues of the latter are calming and strengthening love and friendship. Emeralds come mainly from deposits in Colombia, Zambia and Brazil.

Birthstone of November: the citrine

Illuminate this dreary month of November with a luminous and radiant stone. The bright yellow of the citrine is recognisable among a thousand. The birthstone of the month of November, it accompanies all the births of that month with brilliance and tonicity. Citrine is a gem with a radiant and tonic gem, and its virtues are also in the same dynamic. In fact, it is readily lent its capacities which favour good waves and allow a greater efficiency notably concerning concentration. Happiness and joy are two feelings that citrine promotes and develops. Citrine is mainly found in the following countries: Austria, Germany, Brazil, Madagascar.
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