Opal stone jewellery: what you need to know?

The opal with its rainbow colours seduces the eye and has an effective effect on mental and physical well-being. This precious stone enhances sensations, trains perception and inspires. Already in the Middle Ages, people used healing stones, but it was not until the 20th century that precious stones were increasingly used again to relieve mental and physical pain. Healing stones do not replace professional treatment, but they can optimally complement various therapies. Opals are considered to be the strongest soul stones, increase the quality of life and support spontaneous action. The more intense the colours, the more the qualities of the gemstones reveal themselves.

Meaning of opal

Already in antiquity, opal was important as a precious protective stone. The ancients described the gemstone as "the fire of carbuncle, the beautiful sea green of emerald, the shimmering purple of amethyst, the golden yellow of topaz and the azure blue of sapphire" - a stone that combines all colours in a dreamy blend. According to Greek mythology, the opal captured the tears of the supreme Greek god Zeus after the defeat of the Titans. Already at that time, opal healing stones were used as soul stones for the perception of real love. You can check minerals-kingdom.com for more about opal stone. The name "Opal" probably comes from the ancient Indian Sanskrit language, in which the word "precious stone" is translated as "upala". In ancient Greece, opals were called "opallios". Opal appears in an incredible variety: fire opal, white opal, black opal, glass opal, pink opal, common opal. In Australia, one of these beautiful gemstones was discovered purely by chance in 1849, but it wasn't until 1890 that mining began on a larger scale. In 2008, NASA issued a statement indicating that large areas of opal are found on Mars.

Properties of opal

Opals are formed by accumulations of siliceous fluids from various types of rock. When the organic matter or silicon dioxide dries out, tiny spheres of water form which trigger opalescence by refraction. This is why the gemstone shines in splendid rainbow colours. Opals vary greatly in appearance, depending on the type of trace elements they contain, such as silver, cobalt or copper. Fire opal, for example, is formed in volcanic rock. Opals are found in more than 3,000 places around the world, including Ethiopia, Madagascar, Germany, Indonesia, Turkey, New Zealand, Mexico and Russia. However, about 95% of the stones are mined in Australia. The largest opal to date has been found in Slovakia. The gemstone, which weighs almost 600 grams, has been on display at the Imperial Treasury in Vienna since 1672. For the zodiac signs Cancer and Pisces, opal is the main stone. It gives harmony to Cancer, takes great care of Pisces and gives them more joy of life.
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