How to create ethnic jewellery?

One way to impose one's personality is to know how to impose one's style through one's look. With accessories such as earrings, necklaces or bracelets, a woman's beauty is expressed through her elegance. Very trendy, ethnic jewellery has become one of the jewels that women like the most.

What is ethnic jewellery?

Pendants, rings, necklaces, necklaces are all ethnic jewellery. In the beginning, they all represent a people who define themselves by their know-how. Thus, it is the identity of an ethnic group that popularises a certain style of jewellery. Even if they are ornaments in the form of costume jewellery, ethnic jewellery marks a whole community. They are creations of different ethnic groups from all over the world. In the world of fashion, these accessories find a prominent place because of their very original effects. Silver or gold, each piece of jewellery becomes a real reference. Each tribe has a unique know-how with which it can create original jewellery. The making of ethnic jewellery is a part of the handcrafted creations which is linked to the culture of a tribe. There is therefore a respect for tradition which is put forward to create jewellery that is as authentic as it is decorative. The use of precious stones also allows to bring an original touch to these jewellery models. According to tradition, ethnic jewellery was used to fight against evil spells. This is why dream catchers are part of ethnic accessories. They are often accompanied by feathers or beads.

Ethnic jewellery creations: some very practical techniques

There are different techniques that you can use if you want to create ethnic jewellery yourself. The set of actions that you need to undertake is fairly easy to do, and the more you practice, the more you will get a good mastery of them.

Making Brazilian bracelets

Brazilian bracelets are certainly the simplest type of ethnic jewellery to turn to. The main interest lies in the fact that it is not necessary to use complex or hard-to-find materials. You simply need to have embroidery threads in different colours. To make this type of bracelet, the first thing to do is to choose coloured threads, which are then tied together at their base with a knot. You have the possibility to choose shades that are in accordance with your personality, or your taste. The colours should be arranged so that each one has its own projection from the centre. That is to say that if the order of the colours from the left is red then green then orange, this order must be reversed for the colours on the right. The next step is to simply attach each thread to the one nearby. This will make it possible to highlight each of the chosen colours. For advanced users, there are techniques that allow words to appear on such bracelets.
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