How much jewellery should I wear?

Whatever the circumstances, jewellery always brings an atypical touch to a woman's look. Regardless of the raw material used to make them, jewellery is invaluable to those who know how to wear it correctly. It therefore remains to be seen what kind of jewellery to wear for a particular occasion and how much.

What is the perfect amount of jewellery?

Women have always loved jewellery, but it's not always easy to know how many to wear and how to match them well. Depending on the occasion, the number of jewels to wear can vary. In some cases, it may be as simple as wearing a necklace, ring, bracelet and earrings. In other situations, combining several rings or a number of bracelets is no problem. Admittedly, for some, it is not always easy to determine how to proceed in these cases. However, it is important to note that it is above all a matter of taste like any other, it is not debatable. Only, the number of jewels to be worn must be adapted to the outfit and the event. For more special occasions, there is no point in cluttering up your look with too much jewellery, as this risks devaluing your elegant outfit. On the other hand, if it's a casual event, you can perfectly embellish your presentation with your best pieces.

Choose the right jewellery for your event

Jewellery is designed to add a luxurious touch to an outfit, especially if it is made from precious stones. The raw material can be white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, gold-plated, solid silver, diamonds or other precious stones. The important thing is to know how to adapt them to the situation and to your personality. It is always necessary to think carefully about the style you are planning to achieve with your jewellery. This is the best way to choose them according to the occasion. Be aware that a single misstep can ruin your entire look. For example, costume jewellery can be worn daily without any problems. Then, for more special occasions, dare to wear the most beautiful and precious pieces of your collection.

Watch out for jewellery build-up

In order for a piece of jewellery to make its contribution to improving a look, it must be used wisely. As far as large pieces of jewellery are concerned, it is important to note that they should never be worn in large quantities. In this case, if you plan to wear fairly large earrings, you should leave the necklace aside. Even in the case of an ornament, you will have to pay attention to the association with your outfit. If you like to wear several necklaces together, our article on necklace layering should be of interest to you. For women who want to wear their long jewellery together, here is an effective tip. As much as possible, separate the location of all the pieces. Note, however, that some jewellery looks its best when worn alone.

Keeping pace with the current trend

Nowadays, it is no problem to wear all the jewellery you have together. Only here there are certain rules to be taken into account. It is true that it is fashionable to accumulate a large number of precious items, but there are also a number of mistakes to be avoided. You can invent your own style with your jewellery, including bracelets, chains, bracelets, silver chains and rings. Some women have put aside the desire to wear precious jewellery. Instead, they prefer to wear a variety of different pieces. Also, in their jewellery box, many women prefer to wear original jewellery that corresponds to their personality and tastes rather than gold or precious stone jewellery. The same is true for men's jewellery, a pendant necklace with a simple design is often more appreciated than an eighteen carat gold ring with a sapphire stone. Today, people are becoming aware that jewellery is not always ethical.
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