Precious stone jewellery and costume jewellery

Between gemstone jewellery and costume jewellery there are worlds apart from price.

Precious stone jewellery:
Diamonds and ...?

There is no doubt that diamonds are part of gemstone jewellery. Diamonds have only recently become one of the precious stones used in jewellery. Ruby, sapphire and emerald have been used for this purpose for much longer. The important characteristics that distinguish gemstones from costume jewellery are the fact that they are a natural products like those you can find at MINERALS KINGDOM for instance.

What could be more natural than falling in love
with a gold-plated piece of jewellery?

If a few years ago offering a gold-plated bracelet, a baby medal or a gold-plated birth plate was a sign of a small budget with this choice of a common metal, today gold-plated jewellery shows up, displays and scrolls on the red carpets on the arms and necks of the most beautiful celebrities.

In recent years, gold-plated jewellery has become a fashion accessory, this jewellery with a state-of-the-art plating technique allows the reproduction of the most beautiful jewellery and haute couture jewellery, which until now has often been unaffordable. For more information about jewellery visit

gold-plated piece of jewellery

How to choose a diamond properly?

Even though we know about diamonds and hear about them very often in the media, when the time comes to choose a diamond to buy it, the novice is inevitably lost among the infinite combinations of colour, size, purity and price possible.

Mirror jewellery boxes

Mirror jewellery boxes

You will be able to enjoy some models of mirrors under the lid. They will be very useful for contemplating the beauty of your ornament on your chest or your beautiful earrings highlighting your face.

Drawer jewellery boxes

Drawer jewellery boxes

The drawers on the large jewellery boxes provide additional storage space and are easily accessible. Just like a small chest of drawers, your jewellery box will contain all your jewellery and fashion accessories.

Velvet jewellery boxes

Velvet jewellery boxes

The fully velvet lined interior provides perfect protection for your jewellery collection. Its incomparable softness and delicacy will make your little treasures shine even brighter.

What jewellery to wear on your wedding day?

The big day is approaching, you have chosen your wedding dress and decided on your hairstyle, but there is always the question of the accessories and more particularly, the jewellery you will wear on the day of the ceremony.

Your bridal jewellery set must sublimate your outfit without overloading it, be elegant without stealing the spotlight from the wedding ring…

Lithotherapy, which stones for women?

Every period of life can raise the question of which stones in lithotherapy are suitable for women and the changes in their daily lives. From the nightmare-free sleep of childhood to the peaceful nights of the menopause, the energy of the stones is a constant support in the face of all these typically feminine problems. The stones will rebalance the emotions, the body and the soul.